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A Tale of Bacon, and the Bankruptcy of the Nutrition Establishment

by on Aug.11, 2012, under Body Health, Cooking, food

I did something the other day that I’ve actually never done before:  I bought some bacon. Bacon has never been in my house, because I swallowed the conventional low-fat, high carb diet advice whole for years, and bacon was always something to avoid. To follow that advice, I came to accept certain concepts as gospel truth:  that eating fat would make you fat, and more specifically, that eating foods high in saturated fat would cause health problems (many), elevated trygliceride levels and eventually heart disease, that all calories are the same and that weight could be lost by adopting a calorie-restricted diet and exercise.

I know now that none of those things are true.

I won’t go into all the references I’ve read discussing the science of nutrition and the twisted road taken to reach dietary recommendations by the government, and the poorly researched studies such recommendations were based on, but they are certainly out there if you care to find them.  My conclusion, after much study, is that the conventional dietary and nutritional advice is based on bad science, political influence of the industrial food complex, and a curious reluctance to admit mistakes.  Further, I believe that the dietary and nutrition establishment, including the governmental agencies, are morally and intellectually bankrupt and have no credibility whatsoever regarding what anyone should eat. I believe that there is so much more individuality in humans physiological response to diet that it makes no sense to make blanket recommendations.

I made a three egg omelet today for lunch and had it with a side of bacon; it was delicious and I am confident that it will not hurt my body. I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to certain foods, and today was a good start. I am not afraid of fat anymore, and I embrace animal protein, since it has certain minerals and nutrients that are not available in a vegetarian diet. Furthermore, there is an element of satiety that occurs in eating protein and fat that is not present in a high carb diet, which I believe is essential to maintaining an ideal weight.

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