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A Visit To Costco

by on Jul.23, 2011, under food

I admit, I patronize Costco pretty frequently. They have a decent selection of fresh fruit (berries), vegetables (mushrooms, greens), and orange juice. Also, the store across town actually sells green coffee beans at a cheap price. Once in a while, like now, they make a mistake in gauging the local taste for unusual beer and have to unload it at a hefty discount. On these trips, I usually like to amuse myself by noting what processed foodlike substances are being offered, usually shaking my head at the lengths to which the food industry (the term is deliberate) goes to add “value” to real food, by processing, packaging, etc. Having shopped at Costco for some years now, I thought I had pretty much seen the full range of this crap, but apparently I was wrong, because the other day I found the store featuring already prepared and packaged hard boiled eggs. Okay, think about this for a moment: some marketing department genius figured that there was profit to be made in selling these, because apparently, people cannot be bothered to boil and peel an egg! I pause to reflect that this is just the culmination of the entire food section of Costco, which is devoted to the principle that anything that comes whole and unprocessed can be made better by peeling, stripping, combining, slicing, dicing, canning, storing in little plastic cups, freezing, and of course, adding all kinds of salt, sugar, additives, preservatives, fillers, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and just plain garbage. At any rate, I thought up a new slogan for the place, based on the hard boiled egg incident:

Costco: Food For Lazy People

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Rotting Spinach From Costco

by on Nov.11, 2010, under food, Kitchen

Ok, I’ve officially had enough. I shop at Costco often, mostly for the fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods. (The processed foods are another story; the famous samples they give out are a horrorshow of really bad food ideas, so much so that I frequently amuse myself cruising around noting the various blandishments the food “industry” offers to overstressed, poorly exercised, overworked, unhappy people). At any rate, I’ve bought the fresh organic spinach for quite awhile now, because I like eating lots of spinach, and Costco offers the best price in town. Sure, the quantity is a big much, but up until recently I haven’t had too much trouble keeping most of it fresh. Lately, though, for some reason, the spinach has been rotting earlier and earlier. The final straw came last week, when I brought some home, and by the next day, when I opened the package, it was already rotting. Let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than trying to separate out the slimy parts of the spinach from the good. Well, that does it: I will no longer buy spinach from Costco. It is way too much trouble to track down your receipt and go all the way back to the store to obtain satisfaction. Sorry, Costco, but you’ve made your decaying green bed this time, and you’ll just have to lay in it.


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