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The Ultimate Expression of Hot Breakfast Cereal

by on Apr.11, 2009, under Cooking, food, recipes

I posted before on the value of oatmeal. Since then, I’ve been refining and adding to my original formulation, to the point that I believe I now have the quintessential hot multigrain cereal (it’s changed so much, you can’t really call it oatmeal any more) recipe, and here it is:

A spoonful of each:
oat flakes
steel cut oats
rye flakes
hard red winter wheat
wheat berries
ground up flax seeds
These should add up to about one-half cup for a single serving

Add to the above:
some walnuts or pecans, in pieces
sprinkle of cinnamon
sprinkle of nutmeg

Heat one cup of skim milk on the stove, taking care not to scorch. Stir the above mixture in, and keep stirring occasionally. When it reaches desired consistency, remove from heat and pour into bowl.

Add in whatever sweetener you prefer (honey, maple syrup, agave are suggested), and whatever fresh or frozen berries you prefer.

Yield: one hearty serving

Notes: this is, by far, the best breakfast cereal I’ve ever had. I almost want to make a double portion, it’s so good. Once you get the hang of it, it really takes very little time to make; the most time you’ll spend is assembling the ingredients. Buy these in bulk and you’ll not have to worry about it for quite awhile.

I am quite aware that the reason that recipes like this are so, well, unusual is that the industrial food system has taken over and tyrannized our ideas of what “food” is to the point that making something like this is considered odd…

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The Value of Oatmeal

by on Dec.29, 2008, under Cooking, recipes

I have a soft spot in my heart for oatmeal, since it was the beginning of my current odyssey of less processed food, and it is, in fact, not very processed at all, if you buy just the oats.  (Please don’t talk to me about “instant” oatmeal packets, with little bits of dried fruit and ground up nuts, and all the value added stuff the food industry thrives on…)  Oatmeal is very cheap (less than $1.00/pound, if you buy in bulk at places like Costco), and makes a filling hot breakfast.  As an added bonus, it can be bought in large quantities and stored for a long time, if you have any questions about our just in time food system being able to supply your needs in, shall we say, times of economic stress.  Even more beneficial, you can add all kinds of things to oatmeal, and not necessarily in the quantities that the food industry thinks are optimal (optimal for whom? them or you…). Specifically, you can limit your sweeteners if you’re concerned about the glycemic index and its potential for weight control.  Here’s a quick, easy  basic recipe for homemade oatmeal:

1/2 cup oats

1 cup skim milk

pinch of salt

heat milk in small pot on stove, stirring constantly.  Stir in oats gradually and add salt, turning down heat as milk heats up (don’t let the milk scorch). While stirring, add whatever else you want to the bowl you’ll be eating out of (fruit, nuts, sweetener).  When oatmeal reaches desired consistency, turn off heat and add to bowl. Makes one hearty bowl.

Variations:  add cinnamon, wheat berries, flax seeds, wheat germ, pecans, walnuts, dried or frozen berries (frozen berries work well because the oatmeal is hot). The variations are effectively limited only by your imagination.

Sweeteners:  honey, raw sugar, raw agave nectar, maple syrup.

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