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Three Things To Look For…

by on Jan.29, 2009, under food

And eliminate in your diet.  These are easy to say, and hard to do, because they are ubiquitous in the American industrial food system.  Subisidies of corn produce the excess which drives the stuff into every type of food imaginable. Trying to eliminate these will produce the reflexive reaction of checking ingredients on every package of food (assuming you eat packaged food, which is probably not a good idea).  Well, here they are…good luck:

high fructose corn syrup

hydrogenated oils

bleached flour (in other words, anything but 100% whole grain; look for wiggle words from the industry to get around this)

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Making Your Own Bread

by on Dec.20, 2008, under Cooking

Of late, I have become quite dissatisfied with the quality of bread available in my local grocery store (my dissatisfaction with my local grocery store has been growing as well, but that’s another story). Primarily, when I want bread, I want whole grains, very limited sweetener, and nothing else.  Alas, the industrial food system has determined that additives and preservatives, along with a dysfunctional approach to sweeteners, has rendered commercial store bought bread unacceptable.  Just check out the ingredients list on pretty much any bread bag…you’ll see things like bleached flour, high fructose corn syrup, and hydrogenated oils, most of which are considered poisonous for people (at least, those trying to maintain a reasonable height to weight ratio). At any rate, making your own bread seemed a formidable task, at least until I came across a recipe which called for no kneading and very little effort.  Of course, the results were outstanding, in terms of cost, convenience, and most of all, taste and healthfulness.  Needless to say, a huge benefit to making one’s own bread is the vast control you have over the ingredients.  One can, for example, add flax seeds, wheat berries, honey, nuts of all kinds, play with the proportions of whole wheat flour and rye, add bits of cheese, or many other items. It really does open up an entirely different world, and changes one’s perspective about bread. Why put up with inferior store bought bread, when making your own is so ridiculously easy?

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