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Well. I have become aware, since I started my yoga practice about four and a half years ago, that yoga was something different from just another exercise routine. Specifically, yoga takes you places, and yoga brings people together. I know these are somewhat banal, at least to those who practice, but they are and continue to be meaningful aphorisms in my practice and life. The culmination of these thoughts occurred in the past week, when I traveled to a resort south of Cancun, Mexico, and taught yoga there. This arrangement was facilitated by a group called FitBodies, which places fitness instructors including yoga, in resorts around the Caribbean and other places. Basically, the deal is you pay a fee to go teach for a week in an all-inclusive resort, which works out to be a substantial discount to regular prices. Since I have often traveled to the Riviera Maya in search of underwater experiences (i.e., scuba diving), this seemed like something to explore. I chose the most elaborate, expensive resort of all selections and it proved to be an outstanding choice, in quality and service. Everything was as luxurious as I expected from perusing the website, and the level of accommodations, food and service turned out to be simply amazing.

overlooking the pool

My only duty was to teach one class a day, and of course, that was just fun, from my perspective. It also gave me the discipline to practice every morning, before anything else, which I have not done before or at least in a long time. At any rate, it was quite an enjoyable experience, and enhanced by the fact that I got to teach a number of people who hadn’t practiced yoga before. One couple came faithfully and worked hard for the two days we had with them, and repaid me at the end by paying for my scuba dive! I would be more surprised, but I have also noticed that teaching and practicing yoga tends to produce these kind of experiences. Soooo, what I found was that yoga had taken me to a luxurious seaside resort and enabled me to take a quite excellent scuba dive, and all without any effort on my part. It also helped that the scuba dive was exceptionally exciting, since the currents were very strong, and the dive master who accompanied me actually drove from Playa del Carmen a couple of days after that to take my yoga class. All in all, a wonderful trip, and one I will certainly repeat at the earliest opportunity.

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