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A New Challenge

by on May.05, 2009, under Yoga

Well, I’ve done it again, I suppose; volunteered to take up a class that had a longtime teacher, who taught in a most idiosyncratic manner, and one vastly different than mine (or, all the yoga teachers I’ve experienced). I had no hesitation in raising my hand to teach this class, since it was at a perfect time and place for me, and resulted in a free gym membership (you need to be teaching three classes to qualify). I attended the class last weekend and to say it was different is to understate it by a mile. Ab work, no vinyasa flow to speak of, some really odd placement of poses (e.g., headstand after barely warming up), and just a lack of intensity to the whole thing. 75 minutes long, but I never broke out into a sweat, which for me, is quite unusual (I sweat more than anyone in any class). I have to admit, I’m really kind of puzzled as to how to begin with this class. They obviously loved their former teacher (they had a small reception afterwards to honor her last day), but my sense was that it was one of those classes that had stagnated since the instructor had no compulsion to make any progress with them. Just a guess on my part. I’d really like to get off to a good start with this class, which means honoring the experience they had with their prior teacher, but at the same time taking them in a different direction (I pretty much have to, I can’t teach what I saw on Sunday). A delicate balance, and one that will require some more thought, I’m sure.
(Update) After teaching this first class, I feel somewhat better. I did sense some resistance at the new “format,” but I thought overall, it went well. Resistance to change is to be expected; we all have trouble with it. Yoga provides us with a method of dealing with change. Being present at every moment helps. I’m generally feeling more and more comfortable with teaching, although yesterday’s improv promotion at the local gym caused a few moments of panic, when I realized that I had much more time than I thought. Oh well.


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