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A Powerful Class

by on Jun.10, 2009, under Yoga

One of my recent classes achieved an attendance of nineteen people. Quite a record for my teaching so far, and an energy level I had not encountered before. I was very active, running around the room and adjusting people, as well as giving directions. I got some favorable comments as well, so the energy from these carried me for quite awhile. I am beginning to realize that I do have something to offer as a teacher of yoga; helping people is quite gratifying and very much in the spirit of yoga. Not really sure if I would actually be informed if people were complaining; either I’ve not gotten negative comments, people who would’ve done so are voting with their feet, or negative comments are not shared with fitness instructors as a matter of policy at the gym I’m teaching at. I did overhear some comparisons to the way other teachers phrased some things (yes, again, the bad yoga teacher), so I suppose I’m going over well so far.

On the injury front, I visited a yoga studio today whose owner is a physical therapist. My knee, apparently, just has some bursitis, and will take a long time to heal, but she gave me some hints that will help rehabilitate it. Added Nydia’s Yoga Therapy to the blogroll.


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