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The First Yoga Class

by on Mar.26, 2009, under Yoga

Well, this is certainly a milestone. I never would have imagined, in my wildest dreams, that two and a half years ago I would now be teaching yoga. In fact, yoga, quietly but firmly, took over a great deal of my exercise life since then. I ran long distances for many years, participating in many races, did a few short triathlons, completed four marathons, swam, biked, worked out with weights, kickboxed (ok, I still do that), but yoga was a vast unknown to me when I started. And did I ever have “disabilities” when I began practicing yoga–no flexibility, balance, little core strength, and more. Yoga is humbling, in that it lets you know your body’s limitations quite early and often. You can work to overcome these, and sometimes you can make little or lots of progress, but it’s still something you never finish; there’s always a more difficult pose or variation, and your body resists your efforts to attain perfection. That, in fact, is what makes yoga such a lifetime practice. I can see now that one of the attractions of yoga to me is that it allows you to do things that you never imagined you could. Over and over again (this means not the same poses, but different ones). Now, I have the opportunity to teach other people some of the things I’ve learned.

My first class: had five people, two of whom had never done yoga before, was harder than I realized (worked up a sweat), was not perfect (not nearly), had some great moments (and some less great), and overall, was a success. I have a good time slot (5:30 in the afternoon), and although some of the other aspects are not ideal (well, we’re in a gym, after all; some pounding on the walls from the cardio class next door is inevitable), I think this will be a good start. Still having some difficulty finding the correct words to put people in the poses, but I’m sure that will improve with more practice.



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