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You Know You’re a Yoga Nerd When…

by on Jan.11, 2011, under Yoga, Yoga practice

1. you wear nothing but Lululemon, not just to yoga practice, but everywhere.
2. you practice counting in Sanskrit under your breath at odd moments during the day.
3. the words “pincha mayurasana” no longer strike fear into your heart.
4. the only thing you care about is getting to that next yoga class.
5. conversely, your home practice is just as satisfying as your studio practice.
6. bending over to pick up something is an exercise in pleasure.
7. you can wear through a travel mat in about 2 months.
8. you sit in Virasana while watching tv at home.
9. watching tv seems kind of meaningless compared to yoga practice.
10. you harangue your significant other into taking yoga classes.
11. you find yourself using ujjayi breathing throughout your day.
12. and it makes you calmer.
13. you mostly hang out with other yogis; other people “just don’t get it.”
14. you can turn on a light switch with your foot, while loaded down with bags of groceries (thanks, Becky!)
15. you can’t understand why people think jumping into seated is hard.
16. you think the opening and closing mantras are “cool.”
17. you’d rather sit on the floor than in a chair, to open your hips, of course.
18. practicing Primary Series seems more relaxing than strenuous.

Readers, any more?

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  • Elizabeth

    How about…
    19. You try hold mula banda and uddiyana even when you are not practicing.
    20. Your significant other knows that the weekend is planned AROUND your practices and not the other way around.

  • Elizabeth

    I thought of three more I had to share!
    21. You always have your yoga mat in your car.
    22. You carry the Primary Series cheat sheet in your purse!
    23. Your day feels incomplete if you don’t get to practice.

  • Becky

    24. You took the arm rests off your chair because they block you from sitting in lotus.
    25. Your significant other knows how to spot/assist you in the poses you’re working on.
    26. Other people’s sweat isn’t gross anymore.
    27. You keep shopping for yoga things even though yoga doesn’t need much stuff.
    28. You find cute women’s shoes repulsive because it destroys the foundation.
    29. You can be genuinely nice to mean people.
    30. Being stuck it traffic is a good time to stretch out your wrists and shoulders rather than frustrating.
    31. You don’t use the verb “work” to describe teaching yoga, because it’s not working, it’s sharing the gift of yoga with others.

  • carl

    These were great! It’s good to know there are more yoga nerds out there…

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